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Arcos Brasil is recognized internationally as the premier company for quality and value in the stringed instrument trade.


Arcos Brasil started as a company in 1995, when Celso De Mello observed a need for higher standards in the bow market. 

Committed to quality, Arcos Brasil has been able to produce student bows of remarkable excellence, thanks to many bow makers, shop owners and other professionals in the field whose guidelines we have followed to make our bows as close to perfection as possible.

In 1997 Vito Vissicaro started Arcos Brasil USA, aimed at distributing the best products for the trade in North America. Since then, the company has expanded its line of products to include instruments, rosin, accessories and tools always keeping a focus in elevating the quality standards available.

Arcos Brasil is fully committed to shops, retailers and dealers all over the world. We do not sell to individual musicians or teachers. However, we do offer free advice in bow care, maintenance, and dealer referrals to anyone interested. Every member of Arcos Brasil is proud of contributing to the process by which musicians evolve in the perfection of their artistry.


 Our own bow workshop is located in the state of Espirito Santo, Brazil, a beautiful site 30 minutes from the Atlantic. Here, our great team of skilled artists put together their efforts for the production of bows following historical methods.

Office USA

We have a great team of professional sales managers, accounting, shipping and receiving personnel to provide quality service to all our clients.

Company Commitment

We are fully committed and only sell to professional violin shops, dealers, luthiers and bowmakers, it has been our policy since the company's inception. Our products can only be found at these venues; as a result our clients have helped improve the quality standards of all our products sharing their valuable knowledge.


We enjoy today the reputation for the best quality in the trade. It is our belief that quality cannot be controlled, it has to be conscientiously made at each step. We take great pride on our products and are fortunate to be surrounded by the best professionals in the trade.

Social Responsibility

The sense of community is a big part of our company; we have formed partnerships with other companies and the local government on projects for music and environmental education. We are avid supporters of all preservation efforts of our natural resources and have been especially pro-active on fighting the illicit trade of Pernambuco Wood.

The commitment of Arcos Brasil with the preservation of Pernambuco Wood is of immense proportions.  

Arcos Brasil since its inception have planted 14,000 trees at our own private land, and distributed to Banco do Brasil, Indigenous tribes, Environmental department of City of Aracruz, INCAPES, Aracruz Celulose to mention a few, over 25,000 seedlings in 2004, over 60,000 seedlings in 2005, and already over 22,000 seedlings in the first quarter of 2006. The number of seedlings fluctuates in relation with the rainfall for the season. Long term is the key; the fruits of our efforts will only show results many decades in the future.

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