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Wood Bows


Nickel Fitted Bows

From select pernambuco wood, naturally aged and dried to ensure the finished bow will hold its form; our nickel bows are expertly made and guaranteed to contribute to any young musician’s experience


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Nickel Violin

Silver Fitted Bows

Specially designed frogs fitted with sterling silver can be found on our silver bows. Select quality straight grain wood blanks are effectively used by our bowmakers in the craft of these bows. Available with fleur-de-lys inlayed horn or snakewood frogs.


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Silver Violin Horn (1)

Gold Fitted Bows

Our absolutely best, no compromise in quality, superb workmanship by our finest bowmakers clearly translates into an impressive bow with incomparable attributes. Available with fleur-de-lys inlayed horn or snakewood frogs.


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Gold Violin (1)

Special Edition Bows

The finest choice of pernambuco wood is used on Special Edition bows. The frogs have a distinct style and are individually made from high quality ebony, fitted with gold or sterling silver and beautiful abalone details. Makers of Special Edition bows had the privilege to apprentice under the guidance of Mr. Pierre Guillaume at his atelier in Brussels. Available with fleur-de-lys inlayed ebony frogs.


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Special Edition Silver Violin (1)



Callegari Instruments

All Callegari instruments are expertly hand made and are tastefully antiqued, completely set up with a top quality bridge, accessories and strings.


There are 3 distinct categories:

  • Camillo Callegari instruments are fully made from Chinese woods.
  • Ettore Callegari instruments are made from "A" quality  European maple and spruce.
  • Salvatore Callegari instruments are fully made from the best quality European woods.
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Violin Models include Stradivari, Guarneri, Amati and Guadagnini. Fractional Stradivari models in ¾ , ½ , ¼ and 1/8 sizes are also available.



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Viola models include Stradivari in 15, 15 ½ ,16, and 16 ½ sizes, Amati in 16 1/8 size and Guadagnini 15 ¾ size.


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Cello Model Stradivari 1710


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Carbon Fiber Bows


Arcos Brasil Carbon Bows

The Carbon Fiber line of bows was developed to provide a low cost alternative to inadequate quality bows available in the market. With a traditional design, these well balanced bows offer the beginning students a good start, allowing for the development of their playing talents.

Our carbon bows are offered in two levels, matte black finish and braided finish. Violin and cello bows including fractional sizes, bass bows in both French and German styles and viola bows are availabl



Iesta Carbon bows

With a Pernambuco Wood veneer, the silver mounted Iesta Carbon models are perfectly balanced and designed for superb control and response.




Horse Hair

Horse Hair Bundles Chinese Student B Grade     




Arcos Brasil Rosin

Mr. Guillaume also formulated Arcos Brasil rosin, available in dark for cello or light for violin and viola.   



Guillaume Rosin

The hypoallergenic Pierre Guillaume French rosin is a result of lengthy research by Mr. Guillaume. Applies with ease to newly rehaired bows, minimal release of rosin dust reducing the frequency of application to the bow hair. Great for violin, viola and cello bows, it truly works as well as it looks.  In addition to the wood box, this excellent rosin also comes in a new traditional and attractive French tin package.






We have designed our pegs in the traditional Hill and Heart models and have developed our own very elegant Sando model as well as a concave French model. They feel great in the musician’s hands, very good grasping shape for easier tuning. There are a great number of combinations possible with the collar and pips. These pegs are made with standard and oversized shafts for violin, viola and cellos.



Hill Model

Chin Rests

Again we have listened to the demands and make today a variety of models of chin rests. All are fitted with high quality non-allergic hardware.


Kaufman caviuna high


Our tailpiece’s design is a result of generous input from some of the most respected luthiers in the business. French and Hill models are made from our hardwoods resulting in a strong and lightweight tailpiece, the best combination for a great sound.


French Model

Violin tailpieces available in 3 different sizes:

Small - 106mm
Medium - 110mm
Large - 114mm

Viola tailpieces available in 3 different sizes:

Small - 124mm
Medium - 128mm
Large - 133mm


The buttons feature a recessed pip, very comfortable for the player.



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